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Providing effective treatment for the most difficult musculo-skeletal and visceral problems

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Special Treatment Programs


Knees have a small comfort range, and suffer greatly from dysfunctional biomechanics. But there are aspects of knee biomechanics that are not widely understood.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Budget constraints on our DHBs mean that most post-surgical rehabilitation is fairly rudimentary.  Also, NZ's rehab programs often miss the mark.

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Support

Osteopathy is able to support pregnancy through to birth. At Waimana clinic there are specialised clinical protocols to deal with particular issues during term and post-birth.


OA is considered to be aging and therefore unavoidable. But the evidence does not support this. Many cases of OA are treatable. Others can maintain comfort and freedom with self-management.

Frozen Shoulder

Shoulders are notoriously complicated to treat. Rehab programs try to solve the problem with  exercise programs. But there is research showing that these approaches often prolong the frozen stage. FSS needs new thinking.

Overuse Syndromes

Most osteopaths offer competent treatment for strains like tennis elbow and tendinitis. But treatment of chronic overuse pain is harder. Having to leave a job or drop to part-time employment can be deeply distressing.

Breathing Problems
Peak Flow can be improved using a special technique. This also improves performance in endurance sports. The same technique helps with breathing difficulties in emphysema or Parkinson's disease.

Sportspeople & Athletes
Many people find they start to suffer ongoing problems just when they want to take their sport more seriously, or when they increase their training for a special event.

College Students
These days college students do a lot of sport!
Most junior students suffer knocks and crashes that leave them with ongoing aches and pains.


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Having had constant headaches, accompanied by left ‘RSI type’ pain in my arm for over 5 months, I was finding physio combined with medication non effective.  I went to see Greg, who I had not seen in almost 8 years, and after just 1 appointment the improvement was remarkable.  The headaches stopped almost immediately and after another few visits the arm pain has also gone.  Why I didn’t seek his services sooner, I will never know.
Tracy, Pukekohe   

Every time I get locked up and twisted, which is less these days, the only therapist in town who can sort me out is Greg. I have been seeing him for 15 years.  I just wish he would move to my part of town!
Maria, Waiuku.

The other week I did breaststroke for the first time in 20 years. I never thought I would be able to do that. I am now able to do so many things I missed. 
Rachel, Mt. Albert.

I badly prolapsed a disc and was heading for surgery, which was frightening. Greg kept me at work, and was able to improve my back as I increased my hours. Because I drive a lot in my job, sitting was important, and now I can sit with no problems, and the nerve pain and numbness has all disappeared. 
Bromwyn, Albany.

I had a 7-year history of three surgeries to my wrist, a recent pain-block injection, plenty of rehabilitation, but I still had not been able to work since my accident. Within 2 treatments I had the confidence to apply for jobs, and my pain was greatly reduced after just the first treatment. I can hardly believe this could happen.
Angela, Mt. Albert.

I came to Greg with pain in both knees that had continued for over a year. The surgeon recommended bilateral re-profiling, which would have put me out of action for six months. I walked out of my first treatment session with no pain, and haven’t looked back since that day. 
Gareth, Waitakere.

I've had a variety of injuries in my martial arts training over the years and Greg has never failed to significantly improve the issue and provide a detailed explanation of the issue and rehabilitation plan used. Greg is the best osteopath I know.
Nic, Ellerslie.

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Remember: ACC treatment claims can be initiated by your Registered Osteopath.
Claims require GP signature only if you need time off work.

Remember: Osteopaths treat all parts of the body, and every structural and visceral problem.

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